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Evolutionary Choice By Scott Shaw

Evolutionary Choice

Here’s a previously published article that I wrote a number of years ago.

By Scott Shaw

            Throughout the evolution of human consciousness there have been a lot of saying and/or slogans that have been spoken. Some have come to be used over-and-over-and-over again.  From this, they have come to be believed metaphors. Near the top of this list is the saying, “You only get one shot.” Meaning, you only get one chance to make something of your life, but if you don’t, it is all downhill from that point.

Think about it. How many times have you heard that saying or a similar one?

Many people say it. Many people believe. But, is it true?

            We all make choices in our lives. Sometimes we choose to go this way. Sometimes we choose to go that way. The reality of choice is, however, once a choice is made, it sets the next set of evolutionary choices in motion in your life.

            For example, sometimes we make a choice and are so happy with the outcome. In other cases, once we have made a choice, we realize that it was a very bad choice and we should have followed a different path. But, the choice was made. And, by making it, it has come to define the next set of circumstances in our life.

            Life is made up of choices. It is as simple as that. Some choices we make we will be very happy with. Others, we will wish we had not made.

            But, this is reality. This is life.

            No one is happy with every choice that they make. But, choice is one of the most dominant factors of human existence.

Choice and Desire
            The choices we make are predominated defined by desire. We want something. We want a desired outcome. We want a desired object. So, we make the choices we believe will allow us obtain that object.

            The problem is, until you have obtained that desired object you never know what owning it will mean. Whether that object is a thing, a person, an occupation, or a level of achievement—until you own it, you can never truly understand what the choices you made to get it will equal.

            This is kind of like the American folklore analogy of the bluesman who travels to the crossroads to sell his soul to the devil to become a famous musician. They sign the contract, they get what they were promised, but the outcome of fame is completely different than they thought.

            This is like life. There are all kinds of subtle costs for obtaining any desire that can never be anticipated. Thus, many people are left realizing that they got what they thought that they wanted, but now they no longer desire to pay the costs and be defined by their original desire. But, it’s too late. They already made their deal with the devil.

            In life, we all want things. So, we go about obtaining them. Once we get them, however, we often realize that their ownership is not at all what we had anticipated.

            For example, someone meets a person and falls in love. They enter into a relationship with the person but then it all goes bad. It ends, and they are very sorry they ever met or desired the person because of all the negativity that the relationship has cost them. This same scenario goes onto employment goals, possessions, and everything else.

            The reality is, you cannot know what a desire will equal until it is lived. And, once you live it, it may destroy you. But, you made the choices to get to that end-goal.  So, who is to blame?

Choice and Reality
            Choice is one of the subtlest components of life. And, all choice are not as all-encompassing as the previously detailed ones. Choices are also driven by life necessity. For example, someone makes a choice to go to the supermarket. They get in their car and get in a car wreck. A choice; yes. But, it was defined by an unanticipated outcome.

            This is the other reality of life in association with choice. There are a zillion people, animals, objects, and acts of nature that can never be charted or anticipated. They exist in their own sphere of reality, just as you do. So, while you are doing what you do; so are they. And, the two of you may come into unexpected contact. This is life.

            As stated, what a choice does is to set the next set of circumstances of your life into motion.  Your choices cause your evolution. And, good or bad is what you make of the outcome of each choice. But, good or bad is not wholly defined by you receiving a specific desired outcome.

            As I have long discussed, it is you who decides what to do with the life circumstances you are handed. It is you who decides to become held back and hindered by them or to learn from them, and move forward. Like I say, “If you love Hell, it becomes Heaven.”

            This being stated, in life, you must make choices. These choices will be fueled by your desires. And, do not get it wrong; even the most spiritual of people have desires. Desiring god-consciousness or nirvana, that too is a desire. So, as material as your desires may be, they are no less holy than that of the monk. They are just desires. Desires are just a byproduct of life. And, these desires will set your life in motion by the choices you make to obtain them.

            Whatever happens is whatever happens. A choice turning bad or transforming into a believed opportunity missed does not need to define your life. What defines your life is what you do next. And, “Next,” is available until you die.

            Here is the reality. You get a lot more than one shot in life!

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